There are plenty of party planning ideas out there, but picking the right one for your event is very personal. The reason for bringing people together can give you a cornerstone, but all of the little details of building a great party are entirely up to you. And one of the best ways to get all your details lined up and easy to organize?  Decide on a great theme before you do anything else.

Ideas for Party Themes

When planning a party, the most important step will be picking a theme that really excites you. A party theme reflects the occasion as well as the interests of the guests. A circus birthday, fancy dress Oscar party or even a girl’s night at the spa are all very fun themes. These ideas also provide you with built-in suggestions for activities at your party. Some other unique birthday party themes and ideas are:

  • Black and White Party
  • Vampire Party
  • Poolside Picnic
  • Fashionista Party
  • Comic Book Character Party
  • “Bring a Board Game” Party
  • Sci-Fi Party
  • BBQ and Outdoor Games in the Park

Planning Activities for a Party

Activities and games give people a way to interact and build excitement during the event. A circus birthday, for example, might be for a child.  Some good ideas for this type of theme might be a carnival tent for decorating, clown noses and noisemakers as party favors, and cotton candy and corn dogs as inspiration for a kids menu.

A spa night theme might include having a masseuse give foot massages or painting nails in fun patterns. For an art party you could set up a canvas for a group painting project or hire a henna artist to add living artwork to hands or feet. The more interactive your activities, the more your guests will be swept up in the moment and enjoy themselves at your party.

Music and Other Entertainment

Guests always look around and open up to the experience of an event, and great party planning ideas include ways to stimulate those senses. Music is an obvious choice for a party, but the radio might not play the jazz or rock that you want. Take time to select songs that will be energetic, some that are calm or just fun. The trick with music is to start with songs that are comfortable as background, move to upbeat tunes for two or three tracks and then give guests a break with relaxed tunes. Some parties might need a quieter atmosphere, but a small waterfall in the background or a string quartet can set your party apart.

Decorations, Food, and More

If the party is to take place in your home, your party decorations should be visually appealing and different from your normal decorations. Step back and ask yourself if removing delicate objects or an end table would open up the space for a food table or a karaoke stage. Scent is easy to forget, but it is easy to incorporate peppermint scented lotions in a spa party, coconut oil to suggest a day at the beach or even cotton balls tucked away with lubricant for garage / car themes.

When it comes to party food planning, let the theme of the party guide your menu.  Or just let it guide your names.  For a circus party, for instance, stuffed cherry tomatoes can become clown’s noses, or cupcakes can be decorated like circus tents.  Also think about what will be easiest for you.  For instance, you can add interest and reduce your work by offering a taco bar or hiring a chef to do custom order pasta.

Your greatest party planning ideas should include the full experience for your guests as well as what you want in a great event.