If you are looking for inspiration on how to theme your Girl Birthday Party then how about these Top Ten ideas for a Girl’s Birthday Party. Remember, you should theme the whole process, from invites, setting, games, food and favour bags.

Top Ten Theme Ideas For A Girl Birthday Party:

1 – Princess Party

2 – Fairy Party

3 – Cup Cake Party

4 – Costume Party

5 – Glamour Party

6 – Makeup Party

7 – Slumber Party

8- Mermaid Party

9- Chocolate Party

10 – Barbie Party

These are just some of the many great theme ideas, that can be achieved on a budget or as extravagantly as you want. The idea is to make sure the central theme runs through the whole thing, from beginning to end. Try to talk with your little gitl about what she might like, or look at her favourite toys or films etc. Have fun