When it comes to arranging a Girl Birthday Party for Teenagers it can be difficult. Teenagers are notoriously fussy, and depending on your relationship with your daughter, any ideas you suggest maybe instantly put down – as once you suggest them they are instantly considered, “uncool”. However, do not be put off. Sorting out a Girl Birthday Party for Teenagers can still be achieved quite easily and successfully.
The key thing to a girl birthday party for Teenagers is to think about celebrating in style. Teenagers love style and making a statement, so it is important to combiner that style and statement in a theme that your teenager daughter is into. This can be music, sports, activities, skating etc. The major thing to consider is the number of people being invited, if it is a small number then something more intimate at home might be more suitable, but if there is a large number of guests, consider hosting outside the home, at a venue – skating is ideal for this.
Here are some great girl birthday party themes and ideas to consider.
Make Up and Beauty Party
A Make up and Beauty party appeals to the idea of girls pampering themselves and looking great. They can play with make up, and style each others hair. Consider getting in a makeup artists or beautician who could give them tips and advice and help do their makeup. Any trawl of YouTube will tell you that teenagers love “how to do makeup” videos on YouTube. You can extend this theme even further, and make it a model/photo-shoot party, with them all getting their hair and makeup done, and then having professional photographs taken. This will give them all something to take home with them. Nail parties are also very popular, when you can get in a manicurist to do manicures and pedicures. Girls of all ages love being pampered, so for the more glamorous teenage daughter, this can be an ideal party.
Karaoke Party
Programmes like American Idol and X-Factor are big business, so a karaoke party could be a great idea. This can be either hosted in the home, or at a Karaoke Booth, where drinks and nibbles can be provided. A lot of games consoles like the Wii and Playstation 3 have karaoke type games, or you can hire in your own karaoke machine. Why not organise your own little talent competition. Singing is a great ice breaker, and is always a lot of fun.

Scrapbook Party
Some teenage girls are into arts and crafts, and love scrap booking. This is a massive past time and very popular. So if the person you are planning the birthday party for loves her arts and crafts and scrap booking, why not a scrapbook party. This is perhaps more ideal for the more intimate and smaller guest list party. You can source loads of materials from an office supplies or scrap-booking store (Hobbycraft is a good place). Make sure the invites are “homemade” to just add to the theme. On the invites ask that people provide the pictures and items they want to scrap book. You can then provide all the pends, glue, glitter and other elements essential for scrap-booking. Once again, the beauty of this, is that everyone will have something to take home with them.

Skating or Roller Blading Party
Ice skating is a popular with a lot of girls, and suits all ranges. Find out where your local ice skating rink is, and whether they do party bookings. You may find that they provide a private space and extras like food and drink, and offer better value than just booking a individuals. Depending on the size of the guest list, some rinks may even hire out the whole venue for a period, making the party guests feel less intimidated.
Roller Blading can be done in the park (weather permitting) and you can often hire a tutor or coach who will help the girls learn to roller blade, or improve their technique. This means no one is left behind, and their is someone to help all standards. If in the local park, then you can organise a party picnic to go with the event.
Teenagers are often portrayed as being difficult, but if you empower the teenager into feeling she has some stake in the decisions being made, or even have her help organise it, then the party will feel more like “her idea”, and the birthday party planning will prove far more successful and she and her friends will have a lot of fun.