When it comes to Birthday Party Planning, it is always fun. And never more so than when it comes to planning a girl birthday party. With a girl birthday party there is always a real opportunity to let your imagination fly and give a brilliant birthday bash. Kids love to celebrate, so why not plan something special for your little girl. You can find ideas from everyday influences around the room. Girls love dolls, so why not have a Dolls party – or, even a Barbie Party! Barbie Parties are very popular themes for a girl birthday party. You can dress the room in pink, the guests can bring their Barbie dolls, favor bags can consist of small Barbie presents like pencil sets, pretend jewellery, which can be picked up quite cheaply at your local toy shop of supermarket.

Hollywood Party

So, just by looking at the dolls or toys your little girl is in to, provides loads of opportunities for ideas. So here are a few ideas for starters, remember, with all of these think through the whole birthday party planning from invites, party games, party dressing, party food, favor bags etc, – these are all areas than can be themed.

Snow White or Cinderalla Party
Pizza Party – make your pizzas. Prepare bowls of separate toppings, and the kids can make the pizza however they would like
Cookie cooking Party – Everyone gets to take home their cookies of cakes or whatever was cooked
Fairy Party – think fairy wings and fairy cakes
Princess Party – silver tiaras, trinkets or a Castle shaped cake
Luau Party – Hawaiian skirts and flower garland

Look, the list and ideas are endless, and you can do this economically or get in professionals, there is something for every budget, and all are as equally as good. Never try to keep up with the last party your little girl went to in spend. Top it in imagination and fun.