A favorite tradition in America is wearing costumes for special occasions, theme parties, and to celebrate holidays. Halloween, of course, is by far the most well-known and popular occasion calling for costumes. However, theme parties are held any time of year and call for costumes, too. Theme parties can be just for fun, or held as a fund-raising event for a charitable cause or business.

Fairies are supernatural beings with magical powers. Although fairies look human, they are typically able to fly, cast spells, and they can sometimes foretell the future. With all those benefits, it is easy to see why a fairy dress costume is a popular choice for both adult women and little girls. Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up in lovely, soft colors and light fabrics, complete with gossmer wings and magic wands? A Tinkerbell dress is probably the most popular and well-known type of fairy costume.

Does your little girl believe in magic, mystical beings such as leprechauns, elves, and mermaids? Then she’ll truly love dressing up as a beautiful fairy!  All little pixies enjoy pretending to be a fairy when they wear light and lovely fairy dresses, complete with wings. Moms love that the fairy dress costumes are machine washable so they can be worn again and again for Halloween, play dates, parties, holidays, or just because.

Adorable and angelic, sexy and sweet, big girls look and feel fantastic in a women’s fairy dress costume, too. Layered skirts in light and airy fabrics, sparkling accessories, and wings complete the flying fairy look! Enchant everyone around you! Whether you’re a wicked fairy or good fairy, your ensemble wouldn’t be complete without an awesome set of wings. Sheer, weightless fabric means your wings are easy and comfortable to wear. Fairy wings is the perfect accessory to any fairy dress costume.

If you believe in magic, and all the possibilities and hope that fairies bring, choose a fairy costume for Halloween, a theme party, or get extra value by wearing it for both occasions!