For a girl birthday party in the spring and summer, nothing celebrates the warm temperatures more than an outdoor get-together with friends and family. The good news is that you do not have to have an enormous backyard to host your guests – you can create the perfect party space no matter how large or small your yard is. Check out our tips below on how to go about planning the perfect outdoor party…

Lighting: Lighting is a hugely important and often overlooked aspect of decorating a great space, indoors or out. If you get the lighting right, it can create instant ambiance and put your guests at ease. Often times you can pick up great lanterns, candles and torches on sale at the end of summer for great prices, too. Think of creative ways to bring light into your space and create a fun, relaxing atmosphere.

Seating: Having comfortable chairs and seating to offer your guests at a party is an important part of entertaining. Look for affordable outdoor furniture on sale at large retailers or at garage sales if you are on a budget. Another option is to bring out indoor pieces if your space has some covered areas. Play with the placement of the furniture to create a nice flow. Think outside the box: bring out couches or a futon for the day and your guests will be thrilled at having such inviting and comfortable places to sit and talk to one another.

Decor: Another key element for your outdoor space is decor. Since you have the beauty of nature surrounding your space, all you really need for decoration are small touches like pretty paper lanterns, flags, or a few hanging lights if you have a patio cover or trees. Keep your decorations to a minimum to avoid overbearing or upstaging the natural decor, and the resulting look will be stark and powerful. Adding just a few things can transform the look of your space and provide for a truly enjoyable get-together.

Tents and Umbrellas: If your space is relatively small and you would like some sort of overhead covering, you can buy or rent large table-top umbrellas that can also be used unattached to a table. These provide a festive flair and can shield you from unpredictable summer weather. If you are working with a larger space, consider renting a tent to host your function. Tents are elegant and also practical, shielding guests from bad weather or hot temperatures. A tent will completely change the look of your space and provide you with a new decorating palette.

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