Birthday Party Supplies

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Kids Birthday Party SuppliesWhen it comes to birthday party supplies you have numerous choices, and which kind to buy really depends on who the party is going to be for. You don’t want to have older supplies for younger kids, just as you don’t want kid’s themes for older children and adults. The first thing you should really do think about what interests the birthday person, and plan your supplies around this. For example, if your birthday person is a boy twelve or under, think about what kinds of things they play with the most often, like Spider man, or even Transformers, then look for items that fit in with this topic.

There are many resources at your disposal when it comes to birthday party supplies. You can look for any local party shops in your area, and see if they have anything the fits your needs. It really depends on where you live, smaller towns and cities may have a limited supply of the things you need. Even with bigger cities, you may find that if you have a particular or unique idea, you may not always find what you’re looking for.

When it comes to birthday party supplies, you really need them to have the same theme overall. The cups, plates, and even napkins should all be the same, as well as the decorations. You may be able to find all of these in one place locally, but your best bet for prices and selection is to go online. There are many different websites to choose from when it comes to party supplies. There are some things that your really want to keep on the look out.

When you are looking for birthday party supplies online, you should look for sites that offer the most selection. Any party site should also have other accessories to choose from besides just the basics. They may offer sacks and wrapping paper in a particular birthday theme, as well as wall and ceiling decorations. They may also have other kinds of items and products, like toys and games that the kids can play so they don’t get bored quickly. Not everyone has a budget where they can hire a clown, a magician, or some other person to come in to entertain the kids, so it is important to assure that the kids will still have an experience they will enjoy and remember.

When it comes to buying birthday party supplies online, one of the most important things to consider is price. A good online party supply retailer will often give discounts for large orders, and may even offer free shipping. Usually the bigger the purchase, whether it is one item in bulk, or smaller orders of many items, there is substantial savings. Something that you should watch out for when it comes to looking at different sites is discontinued items, and sales. You may have to change your plans a little, but you could save up to fifty percent off of discontinued products. It isn’t hard to find what you’re looking for, if you just take the time and shop around carefully.

Fabulous Fairy Party Idea

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Fairy Garden Girl Bithday Party ThemeI do not normally add links to other people’s sites, but I came across the beautiful Girl Birthday Party idea. It is  fabulous interpretation of a Fairy Party Theme that will have any party girl thinking she is in a dream land of Fairies. If you feel inspired by the photo here then check out the other photos on the link below.

If you are looking for inspiration for a wonderful girl birthday party then this just goes to show what can be achieved.

Cake Decorating Birthday PartyIf you are looking for great Girl Birthday Party ideas for 5 to 6 year olds, it can be difficult. So how about a Cake Decorating birthday party. Here are my birthday party planning tips for hosting a fabulous girl birthday party for a daughter or granddaughter and her friends.

Cake Decorating Girl Birthday Party Idea


As I have previously stated, the idea with giving a girl birthday party a theme is that one should apply that theme to each step of the girl birthday party process. With that in mind, how about about creating brilliant birthday cake invitations. Decorate the invite with appropriates images and drawings. Maybe chef hats and mixing bowls.

Venue and Props

As for the venue, try to find some suitable “cake celebration” tableware. If you can pick up some cheap little aprons from a dollar shop or supermarket, you can have them all laid out ready for the guests. If they are plain white, how about writing the guests names on each apron. You can find suitable pens for writing on cloth at an art and craft shop. Another idea might be to ask all the guests to send a photo of themselves. Then with special printing transfers, you can normally get from your office supplies shop, you could have a printed image on the apron. Don’t forget the little chef hats! Again, write the name of the guest on each hat.


Before the party commences, bake mini chocolate and vanilla bundt cakes. You can get the birthday girl involved in this before her birthday, and it will help with building the excitement, and she will feel more ownership in the party itself. When the cakes are ready, and before the party starts place all the cakes on decorative plates with paper doilies.  Now, set out individual bowls on the table containing colored icings, sprinkles and small candies like M&Ms, gum drops or other cake decorating things. This is so the guests can just pick what they like to decorate the little cakes with.

When the party guests start arriving, let them each have chef hats and their own personalized aprons. Get the party guests around the table so they can begin to decorate an individual bundt cake to bring home in their own personalized cake box. Start by demonstrating simple decorating ideas, to give them all some ideas to start.

For food you can offer drinks and finger snacks. When they are all done cake decorating, how about some party games such as hot potato, blindfold the cook, and the egg and spoon race game. When the party is over, all the guests can return home with their own decorated cake and a goody bag with cooking party favors such as “dough,” mini rolling pins, measuring spoons and cookie cutters.

This is a great girl birthday party theme for little girls and one of my favourite party ideas for girls who love baking and art and craft type things.