If your little one has a birthday soon, how do you make sure you throw the perfect girl birthday party? When it comes to birthday party planning there are a few basic steps you can undertake, to guarantee the party goes without a hitch.

Here are my top ten essential girl birthday party planning.

  1. Before you start to do anything, the most important thing to do first is to decide on a budget. From this everything will flow, and help you decide on things such as venue and numbers, or whether you can hire a professional party host or entertainer.
  2. Check the calendar to see if there are potential clashes, think about all the standard holidays, Easter, Mother’s Day etc, but also are there any major events (World Cup Final!!). You want to make sure that the invited guests will be available.
  3. Is it during school holidays? That is another potential risk to not finding enough guests, if everyone is on holiday.
  4. Check if there are any dietary requirements. Put a section on the RSVP so other parents can add any dietary requirements for their child. You can then add a dish or food, just for them so he or she does not miss out.
  5. Always have a back up plan if you are thinking of having an outside party. The weather is something you cannot rely on. If you get a sudden down pore things can get very soggy.
  6. Avoid stress, do not try and do everything at the last minute. Start planning early, and if you can get food and party elements online, then have them delivered.
  7. Don’t try and do it all alone. Secure the help from some “volunteers” from relatives, other Mums, and make sure they can commit to the party date.
  8. Consider how long you want the party to be, and stick with it. Up to 2 and half hours is plenty, and let the parents dropping the young guests off when the party will end. Make sure the party concludes on time.
  9. Have everything in place for the big day. Hopefully by careful planning it will not all end up being done at the last minute. Have a birthday plan and stick with it. Ideally use a check list.
  10. Try not to get too stressed, and relax. If you plan it properly you will minimise stress and have a good time yourself, after all it is a special day for your child.

Like anything in life, organizing a successful event is all about planning and thinking through potential issues and potential problems. So if you are birthday party planning, just think through some of these top tips and you will have a great Girl Birthday Party.